Educational Kits

The Educational Kits are detailed grade-specific curriculums (grades k-4, 5-8, 9-12) providing teachers a script, discussion topics, questions and activities relating to the corresponding slides on each of the two themes. Lessons within each packet include age-appropriate craft projects. Each teacher packet was thoroughly researched and offers supplemental materials for study, for learning about community resources in North Philadelphia, and a bibliography. The kits are self-contained packages for easy use and implementation in an educational setting. The text includes information about the history, culture, art, geography, and social transformations, in this case, Puerto Rico. Each curriculum was made to meet School District guidelines and standards. The kits are available for rent at a fee of $25 each, for a two week period (with a $65 deposit, refundable if returned undamaged), and for sale at $65 plus shipping and handling.

Please call Manuel Berríos at (215) 426-3311 or Email for more information.