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Rafael Damast, Exhibitions Program Manager and Curator,; x2004

Rafael Damast has been the Exhibitions Program Manager and Curator at Taller since December, 2010, where he has curated over 40 shows. He has collaborated with outside curators and expanded exhibition venues to alternative spaces beyond Taller’s walls. His 2013 show, Taken: Iconography and Intent in Contemporary Latino Art, was awarded the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts grant. His exhibitions advance critical understanding of contemporary artists of Latinx heritage and explore the issues that resonate with Taller’s community. As a Venezuelan naturalized citizen, he is sensitive to the complexities of working with immigrant and ethnic communities. Damast graduated from the University of Rochester with a concentration in Psychology and Painting. In 2018, he was awarded National Endowment for the Arts and Andy Warhol Foundation Grants for Kukuli Velarde’s “The Complicit Eye.”