Kukuli Velarde will begin to bring her exhibition to a close with the ceremonial finishing of her mural and a launch event of her artist book for children, Somos Tres on March 2nd. The ceremony will begin at 2:00 and will feature the artist painting over her marker mural. The artist book was produced during her exhibition at Taller and will be introduced afterward with copies available for signing. Join us for a celebration of her book and afternoon of saying farewell to her unique mural that will exist from then on in memory and documentation.

Stop-motion photography of the marker mural that Kukuli Velarde is working on for the duration of her exhibition, The Complicit Eye, at Taller. The photography and animation by Gustavo Garcia.

Book Cover of Kukuli Velarde’s Somos Tres

The cost price for Somos Tres is $20.

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