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Bienvenida/o a la tienda de regalos Julia de Burgos. ¡La única de su clase en Filadelfia! 

Our mission is to promote bilingual literature and Latinx culture. We offer a selection of books, jewelry, and art by Puerto Rican and Latinx artists and scholars throughout the diaspora.

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Current hours: Monday – Friday 9-5, Wednesday 10-6

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September 11 @ 3 pm

Color Me In by Natasha Díaz

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Because our collection of books is unique and extensive, we’re still in the process of listing all of our items online. Fiction novels, Puerto Rican studies, poetry, plays, art books, YA fiction, biographies, clearance books, jewelry and artwork, Taller merchandise, and souvenirs are not yet listed. If you’re interested in any of these categories, please contact us to inquire about our selection.