Lizette Lugo -1974 Taller Puertorriqueño – El Corazon Cultural del Barrio, 1999


36″ x 24″, Figurative-Abstract- Cultural\

Seriegraph print created for Taller’s 25th Anniversary.

It is extremely rare these days to see a painter balance between abstract and figural work, and as well as blend these two styles, without seeming kitsch. One such artist is Lisette Lugo, who not only combines these two realms, but handles this transition eloquently and with delicate subtleties. Lugo is a full time artist and art teacher that works with disabled children and students with Asperger’s, as a result her art incorporates elements of the human experience that is apparent in subject matters. She creates a dialogue between the fantasy realism and abstract expressionist fluidity. This dialogue is opened to the audience in a sort of story telling that is written through pictoral glyphs that convey her message and emotions. It is difficult for an artist to show both a technical ability and still convey deepened emotions, and bring them to the eyes of the viewers, without holding back. (more here)


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