Secret Lives in the Neighborhood – Volume 3


A collectible, custom-order book by local artist Meei Ling Ng.

*As the books are made for each order, please allow a week for the book to be crafted and then shipped.

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“‘Secret Lives in the neighborhood’ is a series of illustrated vignettes/art about the lives right next to ours, that go unnoticed. It all started with my observations in the neighborhood’s back alleys. During the pandemic lockdown, the back alleys provided me with a little green oasis that I could depend on for some peace and safe haven. I was especially inspired by a cat who has lived in a nearby alley for many years. His secretive life led me to create a character of him and other out of sight animals that live close by. I imagined some of the stories of how these animals help and support each other through tough times. You will see some familiar scenery from the neighborhood and other animal characters being created as the stories go on into other volumes.” – Meei Ling Ng


All volumes are 8.5 x 11 inches in size and have a thick cover and back. Each volume has 10 pages of high-quality printed artworks each signed by the artist. The artworks are printed on post-consumer fiber and recycled paper. Books are bound by the artist using handcrafted methods and they are sewn with hemp string to ensure durability. Self-published in small editions.