Panorama del mundo latinoamericano: The Andean Region


A conversation book for intermediate Spanish students.

by Shari Kessler

Paperback, 56 pages

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The Andean Region is an imaginative Spanish-conversation book that deals with the land and peoples of Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru. Through lively, informative anecdotes and intriguing photographs, intermediate students of Spanish will gain insight into the rich geographical and cultural diversity of Latin America and will be motivated to continue their study of the Spanish language and of Latin American culture.

With photographer-writer Shari Kessler leading the way, readers will be able to exerperience spectacular landscapes–Colombia’s undulating bays, Ecuador’s snowy volcanoes, Bolivia’s desolate altoplano, Peru’s forbidding coastal desert. They will also taste ceviche, take a trip on a campo bus, listen to the sounds of rondadores, These and many other experiences will spark enthusiasm and will motivate students to know more about and perhaps to visit these fascinating countries.

After each short reading, comprehension questions and a discussion topic are provided to stimulate conversation and writing practice. Difficult words and exprerssions are footnoted in each chapter and a Spanish-English Vocabulary will be found at the back of the book.

¡Buen viaje!