The Latino Male: A Radical Redefinition


by David Abalos


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What does it mean to be a Latino man in the United States today? David Abalos shows how the traditional cultural stories—the male roles of the mujeriego (the womanizer), the macho, and the patriarch—are becoming unlivable. Too many men choose manipulation, power, or violence in response, in an effort to restore the old order. But there is an alternative, argues Abalos.
Demonstrating that Latino men can participate in the creation of a new way of living, Abalos boldly reconsiders how the personal can be political. He redefines machismo as the pride in self that allows Latino men to choose and create new and better stories for themselves as faithful lover, as political innovator, as archetypal guide. And he shows how the transforming Latina/o family can generate a new and vital comunidad Latina in the United States.