Carnaval en Philly A Closing Party for “Filadelfia: New Perspectives”


March 17th, 2015, For Immediate Release

Location and date:   Friday, March 27th, 2015, 7:00 PM

2557 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, PA  19133

$10 Suggested Donation

Tropicalismo presents a celebration of Carnaval, hosted and curated by Juanderful (Juan Bustamante) and Gregzinho (Greg Scruggs), the adventurous DJ pair behind Tropicalismo. The event will be held in Taller Puertorriqueño’s Roberto P. Hernández Theater as a closing party for Filadelfia: New Perspectives  –  a group exhibition of Latino artists who are pushing the boundaries of contemporary art in Philadelphia. The exhibition is now on view through April 4th.

As an expression of music, folklore, costume, food, and dance, Carnival represents local culture at its richest. The traditional pre-Lent celebration of Catholic Europe is now a global phenomenon that is especially strong in Latin America and the Caribbean. Carnival has also taken root in cities home to immigrant populations who use the event to share their heritage, and Philadelphia is certainly no exception. Join Tropicalismo, Philly’s leading platform for Afro-Latin-Caribbean culture, as they explore the unique Carnival traditions of the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection — from Mummers to Carnaval de Puebla to Philly Caribbean Carnival to Brazilian and Puerto Rican celebrations — with an interactive salon on Carnaval culture featuring presentations from local artists and organizers, a live demonstration of Puerto Rican Carnival rhythms, visual displays, festive food and refreshments, live dancers, and of course the soundtrack that keeps the Carnaval massive partying in the streets.

Featured guests:

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Edgar Ramirez, San Mateo Carnavalero; Sheila Buchanan, Jesse Engaard, Rabble Rousers NYB; Caribbean American Heritage Foundation of Pennsylvania; Alex Shaw, Alô Brasil; and  Los Bomberos de la Calle

With special guests:

Jaime Alvarez, Grimaldi Baez, Miguel Antonio Horn, Mark C. Martinez, Michelle Angela Ortiz, José Ortiz Pagán, and Roxana J. Pérez-Méndez

*The party proceeds will benefit Taller’s many cultural programs and keep Tropicalismo going!

**FREE parking across the street in the municipal parking lot.

Photos of the event are here.

About Tropicalismo

Founded in 2010, Tropicalismo is the city’s first platform dedicated to both old-school rhythms and nu-skool riddims from Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean. Co-curators Juanderful and Gregzinho have provided Philly a multisensory experience of life in our hemisphere at storied venues such as Walnut Room, Fluid, Silk City, Underground Arts, Dahlak Paradise, and the Calvary Center for Culture and Community. Guests get down to the sounds that bump out of makeshift buses and Carnival sound systems alike all across the Americas. They taste local food that fuels late nights on the dance floor, usually from small businesses in Philly’s growing immigrant hubs, and experience the cultural events and holidays that mark the year for different communities, from Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) to Carnival.

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About Taller

Taller Puertorriqueño, Inc. (Taller) is a community-based cultural organization whose primary purpose is to preserve, develop and promote Puerto Rican arts and culture, grounded in the conviction that embracing one’s cultural heritage is central to community empowerment.  Taller is also committed to the representation and support of other Latino cultural expressions and our common roots.

Taller was founded in 1974 in Northwest Kensington, Philadelphia as a graphic arts workshop to provide a creative outlet and cultural education for community youth. Today, four decades later, our organization is the longest-operating and largest Latino arts and cultural organization in the Philadelphia region.

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Rafael Damast

Curator  & Visual Arts Program Manager

Taller Puertorriqueño


Tropicalismo, Carnaval Panel Discussion from Taller Puertorriqueño on Vimeo.


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