A Multi–Disciplinary Journey through Tradition and Imagination

August 14 – September 19, 2015

Taller Puertorriqueño’s

Children & Youth Education Program

From generation to generation in the Spanish-speaking world cultural traditions, belief, tales and superstitions are passed down and expressed creatively. This year, the children and youth of Taller explored the roots of these stories and beliefs and how it manifests in their world. Through acting, dance, music, painting and even stilt walking they learned of the creation myths of indigenous people, the legends of colonial rogues, and of traditions and customs that came from Africa and Europe. They learned and found inspiration from what makes them special.

In each year’s fall, winter and summer camp session the children and youth are challenged by the questions posed by that year’s carefully selected theme. Through research, discussions, and imaginative play they find inspiration to make art as well as learn about their unique cultural heritage. This knowledge becomes the bedrock that assures them of their significance and importance and impacts their community.

Taller offers arts program in, but not limited to, painting, drawing, dance, music, video and theater. Experienced teaching artists lead all the art programs. There is even academic tutoring, study and homework time. The programs are geared toward and divided into two age groups, the Cultural Enrichment Program (CEP) for ages 5-14, and the Youth Artist Program (YAP) for ages 15-18.   YAP is an art portfolio-building program for youths with a deep interest in entering the creative field and who may want to pursue a post-secondary education. At the end of each fall, winter and summer session the children and youth present what they learned through live performances and exhibitions.

Curated by

Danais Morales & Tiara Crosby

Exhibition installer: Yoshua Montanez