Cultural Exploration Program

The Cultural Exploration Program (CEP) is an after-school program that introduces kids to basic skills and techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture, dance, photography, drama, and more. A talented team of bilingual artists, tutors, and staff offer a safe and nurturing environment for kids to develop their creativity, build their self-esteem, and strengthen their academic skills.
In order to offer age-appropriate instruction and activities, the program is divided into the Cultural Awareness Program (CAP, grades K–5) and the Advanced Cultural Exploration Program (ACE, grades 6–8).
Monday through Thursday, kids participate in our Homework Club, which gives structured quiet time to work on homework and receive one-on-one support and tutoring. Afterwards, interactive lessons bring together art-making, reading, writing, math, and science, organized around themes that change each semester. For the science projects, there are opportunities for older kids to help younger ones, and everyone develops their own special projects focused on a topic they’re interested in. Fun Fridays” are dedicated to field trips and activities selected by the children themselves, like pajama day, cupcake baking, and karaoke talent shows. These recreation activities emphasize team building and collaboration.
At the end of each semester, we host performances and present children’s work for parents and supporters to enjoy.
Programs run after school Monday through Friday from 3–6 pm.

During the academic year, September–December, and January–June
We also offer an all day Summer Camp for children and youth ages 7–15. Learn more here.

El Programa de Exploración Cultural (CEP) introduce a los estudiantes en las artes básicas de dibujo, pintura, baile, drama y más.  El programa se divide en el Programa de Concientización Cultural (CAP por sus siglas en inglés, para las edades de 5 a 10) y el Programa de Exploración Cultural Avanzada (ACE, por sus siglas en inglés, para las edades de 11 a 14) y provee  una programación divertida, interesante y apropiada para las diferentes edades.  Un equipo talentoso de artistas bilingües, tutores, y empleados ofrecen un ambiente seguro y estimulante para que los participantes puedan desarrollar su creatividad, fortalecer su estima propia, y  reforzar sus destrezas académicas. 

Low-income opportunities and Health Partners Plans grants are available.
Programs run after school Monday through Friday from 3:00-6:00 p.m.

To register your child or youth, or for more information about programming, costs, and scholarship opportunities, please contact Adela Rivera-Rodriguez at 215-423-6320 or