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Words cannot express the pain and distress we feel in these times. 

The killing of George Floyd in plain daylight fills our hearts with a sense of doom.  Not again, please, not again. Taller Puertorriqueño stands in solidarity with community-based movements to promote justice for all and push for change. 

This is not about a single incident. It is a long line of Black and Brown Americans, (communities of all colors…) perceived by some as being their inferior that because of this institutionalized erroneous perception, suffer incredible injustice and indignities. It is about killings at the hands of police, and of a criminal justice system responding only after evidence shows up that proves the “official” story of events has been conveniently misrepresented, as in the case of Ahmaud Arbery.  It is about human rights violations by those chosen to keep us safe.

This cumulative weight results in the righteous anger leading to the events we have either participated in or seen glued to our TV’s.  We must not, once again, fall into the trap of complacency, nor of immediately blaming the victim. 

It appears that many different groups, in addition to demonstrators, outsiders, and/or individuals with little concern for the social justice issues being protested and with many hidden agendas, ​including the goal of disrupting and dividing, causing destruction through targeted vandalism and looting.  To rise to this moment, we need facts, not the confusion created by the quick biased reporting of some, sometimes including leaders.  We need positive action not destructive behaviors.

Informed, equitable, inclusive, and participatory communities are essential to a strong democracy. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis is a terrible affront to that ideal.  Democracy is difficult – and this weekend is a reminder of how complex and tough it is. But democracy depends on our willingness to try our absolute best.

Despite the history of empty political promises, many have been working and continue to work towards building better communities, cities, countries, and world.

We must:

Our resolve is to respond to these expressions of justified anger with constructive, determined, and proactive moves toward much needed systemic change. 

Taller stands in solidarity with others who demand accountability for all violators of human rights and believe in promoting social justice as the positive path forward.

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