Carlos Gil: Apparent Spaces/ On view 9/11 – 11/21/20

Nature and the digital hand merge in Carlos Gil’s photographer’s eye (b. Caracas, Ven., 1943). Intervening in the pictorial, and working in collage, photography, and digital manipulation, Gil creates haunting imagery based on nature and geometry. With his first major exhibition at Taller, Apparent Spaces, this Philadelphia-based artist brings a body of work from the last four years that investigate the seeming truth of photography and the edges of abstraction.

In the pandemic, his poignant pictures bring to light an environment that is both edged and enigmatic. In addition to recent work, the exhibition will include an installation that will go in the center of the gallery space. The show will also include an online portfolio and a videotaped interview about his process. 

Gil’s meticulous methodology takes digital photographs of nature, which are then manipulated digitally and cut into sections, “his interventions,” to transform into three-dimensional photo construction. Gil’s work will be recorded and maintained in a section of Taller’s website for new artists.