ART PAGES, All Art is Welcomed/ On view through May 9


Opened on April 17, 2015

“An older man was pushing a grocery store cart and selling his paintings.  He was selling his Christ portraits and (of the) last supper…  I was in awe of them all, they were original, not prints. My Tia asked the man how much he wanted for them. I think she paid him 4 or 5 dollars and let me pick one. When I held it in my hands I felt like it was the most sacred treasure I owned. It left a big impression on me since from then on I realized the power art had over me as a collector and as one that could possible do the same. The moral of this memory is not the price of the work, or that my aunt got a bargain. Since you and I know how hard it is for artists to make a living when we choose this career but the power of art to the young. That’s how it began for me.”  –  A story on the power of art to inspire and excite the mind as told to us by the artist Marta Sanchez

For its 40-year anniversary, Taller Puertorriqueño is trying something radical. Eschewing the selection and curatorial process, Taller is opening the Lorenzo Homar Gallery for very special exhibition. Building on the premise that creativity is not exclusive, and that art is for everyone, from April 17 to May 9, 2015, in an exhibition entitled Art Pages, All Art is Welcomed, Taller’s gallery will host an art show of work submitted by our talented community.  The only guidelines for the show are that the artwork is the artist’s own and can fit in a painted 11 inch square box on the wall.  Proceeds from the show will help support Taller.  In this exhibition art is truly the focus and the public is the star.

Art work for sale by:

Antonio Matorrell, Marta Sanchez, Henry Bermudez, Theodore A. Harris, Erin Bernard, Nanette Acker Clark, John Macdaniel, Amy Newman, Juan Bustamante, Michelle Marcuse, Maria Dominguez, Ariel Vázquez, Daniel de Jesús, Robert Levin, George Zoloto, Matthew Jacobs, Cynthia Jiménez, Elba Jiménez, José Luis Cortés, Jaime Alvarez, …