The Iconography of Meaning/ On view through July 26

Opened on May 2, 2014

The Iconography of Meaning is the concluding exhibition of the Taken exhibition cycle that began in the Fall of 2013. The cycle, starting with the exhibition Vejigantes of Puerto Rico: Origins, Myths, & Messengers and followed with A Contemporary Madonna Counterpoint: Mexico & Puerto Rico, brings attention to the icons and motifs that represent diverse perspectives, styles, and aims within the Latino community.

Iconography of MeaningIn this exhibition Cecile Chong, Ramón López Colón and Favianna Rodriguez use contemporary cultural imagery to convey ideas and thoughts about cultural identity, politics and the immigrant experience. Chong, as an ethnic Chinese-Ecuadorian living in the US, speaks to the inherent tension between cultural assimilation and personal identity formation. Her sculptures of guaguas, tightly wrapped babies, are icons of her Ecuadorian birthplace that she lusciously stylizes with Chinese imagery and aesthetics. López utilizes historical and political symbols, which, placed in other contexts, depict the many political contradictions and stormy realities of modern-day Puerto Rico. Rodriguez’s works address the human rights of migrants in the United States and speak out for women’s equality

Curated by Rafael Damast

For further information or images, please contact Rafael Damast @ 215-426-3311 or

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