Meet the Author Collaboration with LITina Book Club

On September 24, 2021, we hosted our first in-person Meet the Author event of the year with LITina Book Club.

LITinabookclub, established in 2020 by Erica Bernal, is a space for all readers to connect with Latinx literature and participate in discussions about books, authors, and culture. Monthly meetings are held on Instagram live where authors may join the discussion, and active reader participation is encouraged. The goal of the book club is to promote literacy, reading for leisure, and a sense of community.

Author Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa joined us to discuss her bestselling novel, Daughters of the Stone—a lyrical powerful novel about a family of Afro-Puerto Rican women spanning five generations, detailing their physical and spiritual journey from the Old World to the New. Learn more about Dahlma at

Buy the book here.

Watch the full video below!