Meet the Author: Sabrina Vourvoulias

Watch the Sabrina Vourvaoulisa interview on her latest book, Nuestra América.

Nuestra América highlights thirty inspiring Latina/o/xs throughout history and their extraordinary contributions to the cultural, social, and political character of the United States. As we journey with each figure, we discover more about their cultural background, childhood, and the challenges they met in pursuit of their goals. The book is a must-have for teachers looking to create a more inclusive curriculum. It is also a must-have for Latina/o/x youth who need to see themselves represented as an integral part of the American story, and for all parents who want their kids to have a more comprehensive understanding of American history. 

Sabrina Vourvoulias is an award-winning Latina news editor, writer, and digital storyteller. An American citizen from birth, she grew up in Guatemala during the armed internal conflict and moved to the United States when she was fifteen. In addition to publishing short fiction and poetry, she is also the author of Ink, named to Latinidad’s Best Books of 2012. Buy Book