Restaging of “Morir Sonyando: Die Dreaming” in October


The Power Street Theater Company is restaging the powerful play, Morir Sonyando: Die Dreaming by Erlina Ortiz, for Domestic Violence Awareness Month during the end of October.

Morir Sonyando, is a play about family and the grace we must choose to bestow on one another every day to keep alive.

“The first hit tears your skin and makes you bleed. It feels like the world has turned to spinning stars. But after that, you don’t feel much more.”
Genesis, an academic working her way through an Ivy League education, is proud of the fact that she’s survived her family’s dysfunction, if only just barely. But when her estranged mother, Paloma, is released from prison after a decade of incarceration, Genesis is forced to confront her involvement in the imprisonment and the life from which she has done her best to escape.

Power Street Theatre is an ensemble-based theater company composed of socially conscious theater artists collaborating to create new work that explores social issues. We want to be a catalyst for cultural outreach and understanding within Philadelphia and beyond.

Power Street  premiered their first production of Morir Sonyando, at Taller Puertorriqueño for the 2014 Philadelphia Fringe Festival.  The Philadelphia City Paper is Morir Sonyando listed on their top 15 must-see-list in the Fringe. Sadly, the company had to cancel the last weekend run of their show due to the playwright/ actress Erlina Ortiz being hospitalized.

Despite the challenges the company has faced, Power Street will keep the momentum going ib El Centro De Orro (North Philly’s golden street) by restaging the production of Morir Sonyando in support of domestic violence awareness month in October. If you did not get the chance to see this powerful play, you do not want to miss it this time around.

Doors will open 20 minutes before show-time.