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GROUP 4: NUESTRO TEMA / On view through Feb. 24

Opened December 9, 2017   With 24 artists from Philadelphia to Brazil and lasting over a year, Nuestro Tema: Llamada y Respuesta (Our Theme: Call and Response), looks at Taller’s community through a sample of its art collection. The works in the collection are the “Call” invoked in the title. […]

Unpacking Hispañola: Scherezade Garcia and Firelei Báez/ On view through April 8

Opened February 12, 2016 Unpacking Hispañola re-envisions the processes that construct historical narratives, racial subjectivity, and gender roles through the work of Dominican American visual artists Scherezade Garcia and Firelei Báez. Both artists create images that complicate the traditional distinctions between myths and historical ‘facts’, questioning the very nature of historical […]

Filadelfia: New Perspectives/ On view through April 4

Opened on March 6, 2015 Noting that the Spanish name for Philadelphia, Filadelfia, is similar in spelling and sound but implies a foreign perspective, this exhibition highlights the views of a select group of eight Latino artists living in the city. Working in installation, sculpture, video, photography, and quasi-relational aesthetics, […]