Taller Puertorriqueño has joined forces with a coalition of community organizations, community leaders, and advocates to raise funds to support storm-ravaged Puerto Rico under the title UNIDOSPA’PR. Together, we want to do everything possible to draw attention to the crisis and support Puerto Rico in the relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane María. Right now in Puerto Rico, over 3.5 million Americans are without electricity and running water and thousands of people are in shelters.

El Taller Puertorriqueño se une a una coalición de líderes y organizaciones comunitarias, para recaudar fondos para apoyar a Puerto Rico, con una campaña bajo el nombre UNIDOSPA’PR. Unidos con un propósito común, queremos hacer todo lo posible para llamar la atención a la crisis y apoyar a Puerto Rico con los esfuerzos humanitarios necesarios luego del desastre. Ahora mismo, más de 3.5 miliones de ciudadanos americanos permanecen sin luz o agua, y miles de personas están alojados en refugios.

There are several ways you can donate/Hay varias maneras de donar:


El Concilio: www.elconcilio.net/donate

Facebook: @UnidosPaPR
Click “Donate” and it will take you to our donation page/Haga clic en “Donate” y le llevará a la página web de Concilio.


Check Donations/Por Cheque

Concilio/UNIDOS PA’PR, 141 East Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124


New York-based Pregones Theater/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater has launched the Hurricane María Relief Drive for Artists, which will provide $500 micro-grants to theater, music, dance, visual and literary arts practitioners in Puerto Rico. The drive will put emergency cash in the hands of artists with whom Pregones/PRTT has a history of exchange and collaboration, and who are also invited to identify subsequent micro-grant recipients. This is a peer-to-peer artist relief drive, with no intermediary delivery costs. 100% of money raised will be transferred by electronic wire to recipients in Puerto Rico.


La compañía del teatro Pregones lanza una recaudación de fondos para artistas puertorriqueños, dándoles subvenciones pequeñas de $500. 100% de las donaciones llegarán directamente a los artistas. Pueden contribuir online o por teléfono.




Why (Give to) Taller?

Taller will build a new facility, which will become the gateway to Philadelphia’s “Barrio” in North Kensington, Philadelphia.

Through the new construction, Taller will create a gathering and meeting place, a crossroads, and a focal point for community pride while successfully addressing handicap accessibility and other operating issues and growing to meet community demand. New studios, gallery space, and a café will make Taller the community’s gathering space, while expanded programs, a larger gift shop, rentable event and incubator spaces for new businesses will offer new revenue streams. The core of this new Taller will be an education wing with more classrooms to serve students from pre-school through college in programs that range from early reading activities to art portfolio preparation and tutoring. Through these efforts, Taller will advance its goals and promote cultural developments which enhance quality of life, especially by motivating promising young people to channel and develop their talents despite social and economic obstacles.  Learn more about the project here.