The 19th Annual Arturo A. Schomburg Symposium

Afro-Latinos on the Move: Migration, Civil Rights and Politics

Conference location: Education Building & Roberto P. Hernández Theater 2557 N. 5th Street

This year’s Schomburg Symposium examines the migratory challenges of Afro-Latinos in the Americas and how societal differences and geographic locations affect politics and civil rights. Regardless of location, there are common experiences and distinctions in the adaptations and responses that Afro-Latinos have made to economic, racial and social pressures.  This symposium takes into account the advancement, or lack there of, that has happened over time

The Annual Arturo A. Schomburg Symposium explores different aspects of the complex relationship of the African diaspora to Latin American culture. With presentations by distinguished scholars, this event offers the opportunity to deepen knowledge and understanding, foster dialogue, and educate audiences and speakers alike.

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